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Import Options page

On this page, choose the actions to perform during the import:

Under [Destination Objects], choose either or both of the following actions:

  • To add objects, select the Create new [Objects] check box.

  • To update existing objects, select the Update existing [Objects] check box.

  • If you are updating Computers or Inventory Items, an additional option appears:

    Find existing [Object] by - enables you to choose one of the following fields by which to find existing computers or hardware devices (inventory items):

      • Name

      • Asset tag

      • Barcode

      • NOTE: The Asset tag and Barcode options are available only if the corresponding fields were mapped on the previous step (for details, see Field Mapping page). Since the names of imported computers or hardware devices may not be unique, using Asset tags and Barcodes is preferred. However, there might be rare cases when computers or hardware devices are imported without any Asset tag or Barcode values. In this case, you can choose to find existing records by their names.

  • If any objects relate to the destination object, the Related Objects section is displayed. To create in the database these related objects based on the imported data, select the corresponding Create [Related Objects] check boxes.

    NOTE: If you are importing Tickets and choose to create related Person records, the new Person records for the Tickets' assignees are created as Technicians, i.e. their Type fields automatically get the Technician value. When Person records for the Tickets' assignees already exist, their statuses do not change.

You can clear or select all check boxes on the page by clicking Clear All or Set All respectively.