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Data Source Database page

On this page, specify the ADO connection to an external database:

  1. In the ADO connection string section, in the Connection String field, specify the ADO connection string. Alternatively, click the ellipsis button and define the string in the appearing Build Connection String window as follows:

    • If you want to use an existing universal data link file (an .udl file) that contains the ADO connection string to your data source, click Use Data Link file, then click Browse and select the file.

    • Otherwise, click Use Connection String, then click Build and define an ADO connection string in the Data Link Properties dialog box (for details, see

  2. In the Login details section, provide your credentials to log in to the external source database:

    • To log in using your Windows account, choose Windows Authentication. You are not required to type in a login and password.

    • To use your SQL Server account, choose Standard Authentication and enter your SQL login name and password.

  3. In the Source table section, select the table to import data from in the Table drop-down list.

  4. Click Next.