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Specify the target server and choose the database to back up

Use this page to log in to the SQL server where the Alloy Navigator Express database you want to back up resides and choose the database. To proceed with backing up the database, your account must have the sysadmin role on the SQL Server.

To log in to the MS SQL server and choose the database:

  1. In the SQL Server drop-down list, select the server where your Alloy Navigator Express database resides.

  2. Provide your credentials to log in to the SQL Server:

    • To log in using your Windows account, choose Windows Authentication. You are not required to type in a login and password.

    • To use your SQL Server account, choose SQL Server Authentication and enter your SQL login name and password.

  3. In the Database drop-down list, select an Alloy Navigator Express database to back up from the list of databases available on the chosen SQL Server.

  4. Click Next.