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Closing and reopening Tickets and Change Requests

Service Desk Tickets and Change Requests can be closed and then, if necessary, reopened. Once a Ticket or a Change Requestis closed, its status is set to "Closed" and you cannot edit any of its fields.

Typically, you close and reopen Tickets by executing the following workflow actions:

  • Close [Object Class] - allows you to close a Ticket or a Change Request. When you perform this action, you select a Closure Code; the list of Closure Codes is defined by your Alloy Navigator Express administrator.

  • Reopen [Object Class] - allows you to reopen a Ticket or a Change Request.

Typically, if you close a parent Ticket or a Change Request, it does not affect the status of its subordinate Tickets or Change Requests. If you want to close the Ticket or Change Request and all its subordinate ones, you should close each child separately.

NOTE: By default, any resolved Ticket or completed Change Request that has not been modified during 14 days, will be closed automatically. For details, see Administration Guide: How To Set Up Automatic Closure for Tickets and Change Requests.