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Activity tab

This tab shows the activity log, a record of all the actions performed on the Ticket or Change Request. This article describes what you can see on the Activity tab and what you can do there.

Workflow actions typically add standard activity records to the activity log when completed. For example, Close Ticket action adds Closed. The Activity Log also records other details, such who performed the action and when. Some actions for Tickets or Change Requests, such as Log Work, prompt the user to add a comment, and those comments are also recorded to the Activity Log as activity details. Some actions also prompt the user to specify how much time was spent. That is why Alloy Navigator Express uses the Activity Log for time-tracking purposes and automatically calculates the total Time Spent and Cumulative Time Spent values.

By default, the Activity Log is displayed in web view, where each row shows the details of an Activity record next to the avatar image for the person who created the record (or, if no person picture is available, the person's initials). The web view offers clickable elements for opening the Activity details or corresponding Person records. This mode is especially useful for viewing Activity records with long comments.

If you want to view the Activity Log as a standard Alloy Navigator Express grid with its customization capabilities, select the As a Grid check box on the Module menu. In grid mode, you can use the pop-up menu for grid customizations.

To copy text from the Activity Log:

  1. On the Activity tab, select text of an Activity record.

  2. Right-click the selected area and press CTRL+C (or choose Copy from the context menu, if available). The selected text is saved to your Clipboard.

To open the Activity details in a separate form:

  • On the Activity tab, double-click an Activity record. When in web view, you can click the Open icon in the upper-right corner of the Activity. The Activity details open in a sliding view form.

    TIP: To open the activity text in the full-sized HTML Editor, click the Maximize icon in the upper-right corner of the HTML Editor toolbar.

NOTE: The information in the Activity Log is refreshed automatically.