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Installing Alloy Integration Launcher

Our Professional Services team has integrated some third-party, trusted applications with Alloy Navigator Express, so you can run them directly from your web browser. For example, you can ping an affected device, open a telnet or SSH session on a server computer, or start a Remote Desktop session with a single click. To make this integration possible, you need to have Alloy Integration Launcher installed on your local computer.

Alloy Integration Launcher is a small program that runs external commands embedded in some workflow actions. When you run such an action for the first time, the Web App prompts you to install the launcher. After installation, all actions that execute external commands will use the launcher to run them.

To install the Alloy Integration Launcher and proceed with your action:

  1. Click DOWNLOAD in the Alloy Integration Launcher Installation dialog box.

  2. Run the downloaded file to install Alloy Integration Launcher on your computer:

    1. Click the AlloyLauncher.msi file at the bottom of your screen.

    2. When prompted to start installing, click YES.

  3. After installation, close the Alloy Integration Launcher Installation dialog box and run the workflow action again.

TIP: You can always view and manage Alloy Integration Launcher using the Apps & features list in your Windows Settings.