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Editing large text fields

If a Memo text field in an object record window or an action form contains a large amount of text, you can conveniently view and edit this text in a separate window.

To edit a large text field in a separate window:

  1. In an object record window or an action form, click the Open in new window icon in the upper-right corner of a text field you want to edit. The pop-up window opens.

  2. In the pop-up window, type in or edit the text.

  3. To insert the timestamp with your name, select Insert > Timestamp from the Module menu. This inserts the [Date] [Time] - [Your Name] timestamp. For example: 4/281999 2:28:27 PM - Damien Spears.


    • [Date] [Time] - the actual date and time, in your local format,
    • [Your Name] - the Full Name value of your Person record.

  4. To insert a snippet, select Insert > Snippet from the Module menu. The Snippets window opens. For more information, see Inserting snippets.

  5. Click OK to save your changes.