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Multi-level sorting

You can configure sorting grid records by as many columns as you like.

For example, you may want to see the records in the Software Licenses grid sorted by category and, for each category, sorted by the software license’s current value. If there are two or more software license records with the same current value, in the same category, you could further sort the records, for example, by expiration date.

You can sort grid records by multiple columns by using the following methods:

NOTE: Once you group records by one or more columns, they are automatically sorted by these fields.

When the records are sorted by multiple columns, you can change the order of sorting levels with the exception of sorting by the columns by which the records are grouped. This sorting has the highest priority, such columns are shown at the top of the Sort by These Fields list on the Sorting tab of the Customize View window and their order is defined by the order of grouping.

You can always remove one or more sorting levels except for sorting by the columns the records are grouped by. These sorting levels can be cancelled by ungrouping records.

To sort records:

  • To sort records directly in the grid:

    1. Click the column heading. To change the sorting order, click it again.

      NOTE: If the Group by Sorting option is enabled (for details, see Grouping by sorting), the records get not only sorted by this column but also grouped.

    2. To add another sorting level, hold down the SHIFT key and click the heading of the next column you want to sort the records by. This will create the next sub-level of sorting.

      Repeat this step to sort by as many columns as you need.

  • To sort records using the Customize View window:

    1. Right-click anywhere in the grid and choose Customize View from the pop-up menu, then open the Sorting tab of the Customize View window.

    2. In the Available Fields pane, click the field to sort the records by and click Add. If you want to change the sorting order, click in the Order column in the Sort by These Fields pane and select Desc for descending order or Asc for ascending order.

      To add more sorting levels, repeat this step for each field you want to sort records by. To remove sorting, remove fields from the Sort by These Fields pane.

    3. Click OK.