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IP Address window

The IP Address window shows the details about an IP address assigned to a Computer or Inventory Item. To access this window, on the Configuration tab of a Computer or Inventory Item record, double-click the IP address. Another option is to double-click the IP address on the IP Addresses tab of a Network record.

The IP Address window contains the following tabs:

General tab

This tab displays basic information about the IP address. If this window was accessed from a computer or inventory Item record, all the fields are editable. If you open an IP address from a network record, you can only view the information.

Network - displays the name of the Network this IP address belongs to.

IP address - shows the IP address.

Suggest IP - fills out the IP Address field with the next unassigned IP address in the chosen network’s range. The button is unavailable if the Network field is blank.

Notes - allows you to enter any additional text information.

Used tab

This tab lists the Computers and Inventory items to which this IP address is assigned.