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Working with Announcements

You can create, view, edit, or delete Announcements from the Announcements grid. To access this grid, select Service Desk > Announcements from the navigation menu.

NOTE: Along with ability to open Announcements from the Announcements grid, you can also open them in the read-only mode from the dashboard (when it displays an Announcements widget). For details, see Viewing Announcements.

  • ClosedTo add an Announcement:

    1. Click New > [Announcement type] on the Module menu. The Announcement window opens.

    2. Specify the Announcement details and click SUBMIT.

  • ClosedTo edit an Announcement:

    1. Open an Announcement for editing using one of the following methods:

      • Select the Announcement in the Announcements grid and double-click it.

      • If the Announcement is already open in the View mode, click Edit on the Module menu.

    1. In the Announcement window, change the details as needed and click SUBMIT.

    NOTE: If your security permissions in the Alloy Navigator Express database do not allow you to edit the Announcements, only the View mode will be available.

  • ClosedTo delete an Announcement:

    • Select the Announcement and click Actions > Delete on the Module menu.

Announcement window

You use the Announcement window to add or edit Announcements. The top pane of the Announcement window displays the Announcement's ID , status, and title of the Announcement. Below the top pane, the following sections are available:

Title - the Announcement title.

Categorization section - shows the Announcement type and the Owner of the Announcement. The list of types is defined by your Alloy Navigator Express administrator. The Owner record allows you to associate the Announcement with a responsible Person. When the Owner is filled out, its field label becomes a hyperlink so you can open the person record by clicking the link.

Prioritization section - displays the High Priority check box. If this box is selected, the Announcement will be shown at the top of the list in the Announcements section of the dashboard and highlighted in red.

Audience section - shows the Technician Users and Self Service Users check boxes that correspond to the groups of users to whom the Announcement will be shown. When both check boxes are clear, the Announcement is not displayed.

Duration section - shows the start date and the end date of the period when the Announcement is displayed. If either start or end date is not chosen or neither of them are specified, the corresponding time span point is not limited.

Untitled section - displays the Announcement contents. Use the HTML editor to format the text and insert hyperlinks or images.

Style Sheet - lets you preview how the Announcement looks in the Desktop App (select Desktop App) and in the Self Service Portal (select Self Service Portal).

NOTE: Announcement CSS style definitions may be customized by your Alloy Navigator Express administrator.