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Updated in 2022.1

In addition to using this Help System, you can refer to the following documents for more information:

Title Description

Alloy Navigator Express Installation Guide

This guide targets administrators who install Alloy Navigator Express.

This guide describes system requirements and installation procedures, including installing Alloy Navigator Express, creating a database, migrating from a previous version, configuring server components, installing and configuring the Web App, Self Service Portal, and the API module.

Alloy Navigator Express Administration Guide

This guide describes the principles and steps of the initial configuration of the Alloy Navigator Express system. It includes detailed walkthroughs on how to perform the initial setup of each module and an explanation of the most common customization tasks.

Alloy Navigator Express Mobile App User's Guide

This document targets Service Desk managers and technicians who work in Alloy Navigator Express using their mobile devices. It illustrates the most common tasks that the Mobile App enables its users to perform.

Alloy Navigator Express API User's Guide

This guide targets system administrators and software engineers who integrate third-party applications with Alloy Navigator Express.

Network Inventory Administration Guide

This guide explains how to work with Network Inventory — a module for automated discovery and audit of hardware and software configurations of networked and standalone computers.

This guide explains Network Inventory features and covers the most common tasks that Network Inventory enables system administrators to perform.

Alloy Navigator Express Integrations

This document targets system administrators and software engineers who will configure third-party applications to interact with Alloy Navigator Express.

Alloy Navigator Express How-to

This document explains a number of popular tasks that both admins and technicians may face and helps them learn how to use Alloy Navigator Express to get the most out of it.

Alloy Navigator Express Database Reference Guide

This document describes the structure of Alloy Navigator Express database tables and fields, which may be useful to administrators.

The guide is available at the Alloy Support Portal.

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