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About Service Desk module

The Service Desk module aids your IT group improve the quality of IT service desk, regardless of whether this support is for internal users, external customers, or both.

This Service Desk module comprises the following components:

  • Tickets

    Tickets are records created to implement various Service Desk tasks or actions. Users may submit Tickets to report failures, to fix abnormal IT service behavior, or to request a change to be made. Tickets may be standalone or may contain child Tickets.

  • Change Requests

    Change Request (also referred to as Request for Change) is a formal proposal for a change to be made. A Change Request includes details of the proposed Change. (ITILĀ® Version 3 Glossary)

    You can create Change Request tasks to propose additions, modifications, or removals of items that could have an effect on IT Services. A number of built-in approval methods is available.

  • Knowledge Base

    You can build a detailed database of solutions to problems, arrange them by categories for easy management, search or browse for solutions, and copy solutions to open tickets. You can also build your own Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

  • Announcements

    You can distribute various messages, advisories, notices, or news among Alloy Navigator Express users, including both technicians and Self Service Portal customers.

  • Technician Availability Calendar

    The Technician Availability Calendar is a global calendar that enables you to browse several personal work calendars for all of technicians simultaneously. You can always view the work schedules of your team members and know who is busy or available to take on tasks.