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Recognition Options page

On this page, choose how to process auto-added recognition rules of the source software products selected on the previous page of the wizard.

NOTE: The Auto Added field appears marked for the software recognition rules added automatically when the Automation Server uploads the audit data. Auto-added software recognition rules differentiate only product major releases to keep Software Catalog uncluttered. When minor releases are important, you must change the auto-added Recognition Rule by replacing the asterisk (*) in the default value of the Product Version field with the minor release or update identifier that you want to distinguish. Once you have introduced any changes to an auto-created software recognition rule, the Auto Added field gets cleared.

You can choose one of the following options:

  • Add auto-added rules to the target product.

  • Replace auto-added rules with a rule with unspecified Product Version in condition.

  • Replace auto-added rules with a rule with this recognition condition.

If you choose the third option, fill out the New Version of Target Product and Recognition Condition boxes to specify your new recognition condition.

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