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Upgrade Scenario

Introduced in 2021.2

Choose your upgrade scenario.

  • Production Upgrade

    Upgrade your existing database to the latest version in a single step and go live immediately. This scenario is a good choice for minor upgrades within version 2023. Maintenance releases typically do not include new functionality or features, and you can upgrade quickly and seamlessly, in one step.

  • Pilot Upgrade

    Test-drive the new version in a pilot environment, without affecting your existing production system, and switch it to production mode when everything is ready. This is a two-step process that allows you to preview and test new features on your production data without affecting your ongoing operations, and move your production system to the latest version at your pace.

    If you are performing a major upgrade, we recommend that you choose the Pilot Upgrade. However, it is a safe choice to upgrade from any product version.

Before making a choice here, you may want to review the Release Notes to get a glance of the new features the latest version delivers and the breaking changes that might affect you.

TIP: If you are not sure which upgrade scenario to choose, choose Pilot Upgrade, or consult with our Support Team.