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Database Access Key

Once you specified the Database Account for your Network Inventory database, the Database Management tool generates a Database Access Key. A registered copy of this key must exist on each computer that requires access to the Network Inventory database, which means that you must distribute this key to all target computers. For details, see Database Access Key Distribution.

The Database Access Key page contains the following controls and fields:

  • Key Name - the name of the generated key.

  • Access Key Content - the Database Access Key content.

  • Copy to Clipboard - click to copy the content of the Database Access Key to the Clipboard.

  • Export Key to File - by default, by default, the Database Management wizard exports the Database Access key into the [KeyName].reg file on your desktop. To change the defaults, click the ellipsis button and specify a new location or file name.

When needed, you can generate a new Database Access Key by running the Database Management tool again (see Managing Database Access Key). However, keep in mind that a new Database Access Key must be applied to the Inventory Server and distributed to all technicians, so you may need to avoid unnecessary changes to the key.