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Network Interface window

The Network Interface window contains the detailed information about a particular network interface of a selected switch. You can open the Network Interface window from the Network Interfaces tab of the switch form (for details, see Viewing Network Device Details).

The Network Interface window contains the following tabs: General, Network Nodes.

General tab

The General tab shows detailed information about the network interface of the switch.

  • Device Name - the name of the switch.

  • Interface - the detected interface index.

  • Name - the name of the interface.

  • Alias - the detected interface alias.

  • Description - the description of the interface.

  • Type - the type of the interface.

  • Admin Status - the administrative status of the interface (e.g. Unknown, Up, Shutdown, or Testing).

  • MTU - the maximum transmission unit of the interface.

  • Speed - the interface's current bandwidth in bits per second.

  • IP Address - the IP Address of the interface.

  • Subnet Mask - the subnet mask of the interface.

  • MAC - the MAC address of the interface.

  • Vlan - the virtual local area network.

Network Nodes tab

The Network Nodes tab shows basic information on connected network nodes. You can see the detailed information about selected network node by double-clicking its record. The information will be shown in the Network Device window.