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IP Address Range window

Specify a new IP address range or modify an existing one.

To specify the IP range manually:

  1. Select on of the following options:

    • Select the IPv4 address range option, enter Start IPv4 Address and End IPv4 Address of the range.

    • Select the IPv6 address range option, enter Start IPv6 Address and End IPv6 Address of the range.

    • Select the IPv6 network option, enter IPv6 prefix and IPv6 mask.

  1. Click OK

To detect the IP Address range of your network automatically:

  1. Select IPv4 address range, IPv6 address range or IPv6 network and click My Network.

  2. Click OK.

NOTE: Depending on your network configuration, the IP address range produced by clicking My Network can be unreasonably large so that discovering computers takes a long time. In this case, you can manually edit the start and end IP addresses to restrict the range to include only those IP addresses that are in use. If the IP address range of your network consists of several non-contiguous segments, you can cover the whole range by adding IP address ranges corresponding to each segment one by one.