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Workflow action's criteria-related error


When you attempt to complete a workflow action on multiple objects, an error message may appear.

This action cannot be executed for one of the objects because this object does not meet the action's criteria.

For details on workflow actions, see Performing workflow actions.


This error is thrown by the workflow engine when a workflow action encounters the additional criteria issue. For example, if you attempt to perform anaction on multiple objects, but one or several objects does not meet the action's additional criteria, the error message appears.


To resolve the issue, choose a relevant option in the dialog box. If you click Yes to All, the action will be executed only for those objects that meet additional criteria. Those objects, that do not meet the criteria will be skipped without any confirmation prompts.

TIP: If you are not sure about the correct handling, click No and contact your Alloy Navigator Express administrator, describe the situation when the error occurs, and include the error message text.