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Technician Availability Calendar

The Technician Availability Calendar is a global calendar that enables you to browse several personal work calendars for all of technicians simultaneously. You can always view the work schedules of your team members and know who is busy or available to take on tasks.

To access the Technician Availability Calendar, select Go > Technician Availability Calendar from the main menu. You can view the calendar information by month.

NOTE: To refresh the calendar view, press F5.

Using the calendar view

The mini-calendar in the top-right corner displays the days that the calendar shows and helps you to change your view. The current day (today) is marked with a red square.

The view displays events for a whole month. To show the desired month, select a date within that month in the mini-calendar. To move forward or backward by a month, use the arrows in the top-left corner of your Calendar or in the mini-calendar. You can also use the scroll bar to navigate to the desired month.

The Legend explains the meaning of your availability calendar colors:

  • Company Weekends and Holidays - shows regular non-working hours in your company.

  • Unavailable - shows the regular working day when a technician has personal "All day" event specified and is not available to perform any tasks.

  • Available - shows the regular non-working day when a technician has personal "All day" event specified and is available to perform any tasks.

  • Partially Available - shows regular working hours or regular non-working hours with personal working events specified.

  • Regular Workday - shows regular working hours in your company.

Viewing the details of technicians whose schedules the calendar displays

The Technician Availability Calendar displays parallel horizontal time lines for all technicians. Time lines are sorted alphabetically by the technician's Full Name. When there are many technicians in the list, use the scroll bar to scroll through their schedules.

Viewing personal events for technicians

Technicians have personal events such as vacations, training days, meetings, and other exceptions to their standard working time, specified using their personal calendars. The Technician Availability Calendar displays all personal events for the technicians, so you can quickly visualize whether their personal events overlap to make proper decisions on rescheduling their tasks.

  • ClosedTo view the details of an event:

    • Double-click the date to open its event details. The pop-up window displays the event name, its dates, and the description.

    • If there is more than one exception specified for one technician per date, after double-clicking the date, you choose the event to view from the pop-up list.