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Setting the schedule for Recurrent Tickets

In the Schedule window, you create the schedule for recurrent tickets. This window opens up when you click Change under Recurrence schedule when configuring the Recurrent Ticket job.

Use the Schedule window to set the job schedule:

  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly - Choose how often the job should occur, and then specify the additional options on the right. These options change based on the occurrence you choose. For example, for a weekly job, specify the number of weeks between runs and on which days of the week to run.

  • Daily Frequency - To run the job once a day, click Occurs once at and specify the time. To run the job several times a day, click Occurs every and specify the frequency and the Starting at and Ending at times.

  • Duration - Specify the start and end dates. If you want the job to repeat forever, click No end date.