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Account and Roles tab

The Accounts and Roles tab allows you to view the existing Technician Account created for the person and manage the security role membership. You can also create a new Technician Account for the technician. This tab appears only if this Person record has the Technician type.

NOTE: The number of Technician Accounts you can create is limited by your Alloy Navigator Express license.

Information on this tab is organized in the following sections:

Accounts - displays the Technician Accounts created for this technician.

Create Account - when the technician does not have any Technician Accounts, you can create a new account using the New Technician Account window:

Authentication Type - select the authentication type. For details, see Authentication types.

Login - enter the login name:

For Windows authentication: Click Find, select the Windows domain to look in, and double-click the Windows domain user for whom you are creating the account. You can also select a local Windows account.

For SQL authentication: Type the login name.

Password - type in the password (for SQL authentication only)

Confirm Password - confirm the password (for SQL authentication only)

For details, see Adding accounts.

Delete Account - lets you delete the Technician Account.

Roles - in this section, you can manage the technician's membership in security roles as follows:

Add - grants one or more roles to the Technician Account using the Select Roles window.

Remove - revokes the selected roles.

Open - lets you view the details of the selected role in the Security Role [ Role Name ] window.

For details, see Assigning security roles to Technician Accounts.

NOTE: Technician Account management is available only for Alloy Navigator Express administrators.