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Related Objects tab

Updated in 8.5

On the Related Objects tab, you can see the list of all objects related to the open object and manage these relations.

You can view related objects as an interactive map (Viewing the Related Objects map), or as a grid. From both views you can:

  • Open any related object to view or edit its details (double-click the related object).

  • Create (modify, or delete) a relation between this object and another one (for details, see Relating objects).

The list of related objects includes:

  • The objects directly related to the main object by using the commands on the Related Objects tab. For these related objects you can perform the following actions:

  • The objects related by using other commands and shown at the same time in the Related Asset field on the General tab of the Ticket window . These relations are available on this tab for viewing only. You can change these relations by editing the relevant fields.

    TIP: The Related Assets are available for the Service Desk Tickets only.

  • The objects related to the related objects. The relations are shown as a hierarchical grid tree or as a map (see Viewing the Related Objects map. When you access this tab, the tree may be collapsed. To expand a node and view the nested relations, click the black triangle (or the plus sign) next to the node name. To collapse a node, click the black triangle (or the minus sign) again. These relations are shown on this tab for viewing only. You can edit these relations from one of the directly related objects' records.