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Article Content tab

The Article Content tab allows you to manage the general properties of the Knowledge Base Article and edit its content:

  • Title - displays the meaningful title of the Article. This field is mandatory.

  • Author - displays the Article author. When the field is filled out, clicking its caption opens the details of the Person in a separate window.

  • Owner - allows you to associate the Article with a responsible Person. When the Owner is filled out, its field label becomes a hyperlink so you can open the person record by clicking the link.

  • Visible in the Self Service Portal - indicates whether the Article is accessible for the Self Service Portal (SSP) customers. When selected, SSP customers can view this Article, otherwise they cannot.

  • Version - displays the Article version.

  • Last Reviewed Date - displays the date and time when the Article was last reviewed.

  • Views - indicates how many times the article has been viewed in the Self Service Portal.

  • Rating - displays the "usefulness" rating of the article. Alloy Navigator Express calculates the rating based on the SSP customers' answers to the "Was this article helpful?" question. Next to the rating, Alloy Navigator Express displays the number of SSP users who have answered this question (in parentheses). When nobody has yet answered, "N/A" is displayed instead of the rating.

    NOTE: The Self Service Portal displays the question "Was this article helpful?" with the Yes and No buttons at the very bottom of each KB Article. A SSP customer can answer this question only once for each article.

  • Untitled section below - displays the Article content. Use the HTML editor to format the text and insert hyperlinks or images.

  • Style Sheet - allows you to preview how the Article looks in the Desktop App, Web App, or Self Service Portal.

    NOTE: KB Article CSS style definitions are customized by your Alloy Navigator Express administrator.