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Showing dependencies

When one object uses data from another object, this means that the former object depends on the latter one. For example, when you choose an owner for a CI (Configuration Item), you create a dependency of that CI on the person.

You cannot delete any objects that have dependencies. However, you can remove all its dependencies and then delete the object. In the above mentioned example, to delete the person record of a CI owner, you can either choose another owner for the CI, or delete the CI record first.

NOTE: Instead of deleting a CI, you can mark it as retired. For details, see . Marking IT assets as retired.

You can see the dependent objects for each object The benefit of showing the dependencies is that you can always know what other objects reference this particular object in the database. It is useful when you are going to delete a record, or when you have tried to delete a record, but haven’t succeeded because of existing dependencies.

To show the dependencies for an object:

  1. Open the desired record.

  2. On the Module menu, click Actions > Show Dependencies. If any dependent objects exist, a list of them will be displayed in an information window.

  3. To close the information window, click OK.