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Inserting images in HTML content

To insert an image when using the embedded HTML editor:

  1. In the Design mode , click the Insert Image icon .

  2. In the Picture window, click Browse and browse for the picture file.

  3. If you want to specify alternative textAlternative text for an image is shown if the image cannot be displayed. for accessibility, type your text in the Alternate Text field.

  4. Optional: Customize the image appearance:

    • To specify how to align text to the image, select a value from the Alignment list.

    • To add a border around the image, type in a border thickness (in pixels).

    • To add some space left and right and/or top and bottom of the image, type in the horizontal and/or vertical spacing (in pixels).

  5. Click OK.

Alternatively, you can insert an image using a drag-and-drop operation.