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Setting spelling options

Alloy Navigator Express allows you to adapt the proofing tools by applying spell checker dictionaries (for details, see Installing spell checker dictionaries) and configuring dictionaries as needed (for details, seeSpelling Options> window). You can also check which dictionaries are applied for the Desktop App using the Dictionaries section on the Spell Checking tab of the Options window (Tools > Options).

Spelling Options window

The Spelling Options window allows you to adapt the spell checker to your needs using multiple custom and international dictionaries.

To access this window, click Options in the Spelling window shown when Alloy Navigator Express checks spelling and finds a misspelled word.

General Options section - allows you to choose the cases when a word is not reported as misspelled.

Edit custom dictionary section - allows you to add, change, or remove words in your own custom dictionary as follows:

ClosedTo modify a word from the custom dictionary:

    • Click Edit, in the Custom Dictionary window, change the word as needed.

ClosedTo add a new word:

    • Beginning with a new line, type the word into the list and click OK.

ClosedTo delete a word:

    • Delete the word from the list and click OK.

NOTE:Alloy Navigator Express stores custom dictionaries individually for each user.

International Dictionaries section - lists the available international dictionaries and allows you to select one or multiple dictionaries to use.