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Specifying Related Asset template for Ticket records

Ticket records have the Related Asset field, where users can associate the Ticket with a related asset (Computer, Inventory Item, or Software License).

When the user specifies a related asset for the Ticket, the Related Asset value is displayed as a combination of various object attributes. You can configure a template to define how Alloy Navigator Express displays the value in this field.

To customize the template for the Related Asset field:

  1. From the Sidebar, navigate to Customization > IT Assets > Options.

  2. Under Related Asset Template, the current template, where the following placeholders are used:

    • [Class] — the object class.

    • [Type] — the object type.

    • [ID] — the object identifier.

    • [Asset Tag] — the object Asset Tag.

    • [Name] — the object name.

  3. Modify the template as needed using one of these options:

    • Select another pre-defined template from the Current Template list.

    • Create your own template by typing placeholders in the desired order and separating them as you need.

    NOTE: When the Related Asset field displays an object that does not have an attribute used in the template, the placeholder will insert a space.

  4. Click Preview and preview an example of theRelated Asset field value with your template applied.

  5. Click Save.