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Adding software manufacturers

Software manufacturers can be created in the following ways:

  • The Automation Server creates Manufacturer records for the software manufacturers when uploading the audit data to the database.

  • You add Manufacturer records in the Settings App as follows:

    1. Go to Network Inventory >Software Catalog > Software Manufacturers and click New. The Manufacturer [ Manufacturer Name ] window opens.

    2. Enter the manufacturer name (required) and optionally enter the web site address. If the web address is specified, you can open the web site in your default Internet browser by clicking the Web Page link.

    3. Under Aliases, you can add, edit, or remove aliases for a manufacturer name. An alias is another variant spelling or name the manufacturer is known by. These can be any alias, shortened or former names that appear when the manufacturer's name changes, or is acquired by the another company, etc.

    4. Click OK.