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Network Inventory might generate alerts every time a new audit snapshot arrives, when the snapshot data satisfies the triggering condition. This means that multiple frequent audits of the same computer will generate the same alert multiple times, as long as the triggering condition remains true.

By default, the notification interval is Every day, which means that Network Inventory does not generate identical alerts from a single computer more often than once a day. If you want to change this frequency, select another interval in the Notification Interval list. Network Inventory will not generate notifications more often than the specified interval.

If you do not want Network Inventory to repeat notification about the same event, select Once.

NOTE: The notification interval counts from the moment when the last notification was sent out successfully. For example, if the interval equals to Every day, the next notification will be revoked during 24 hours interval since the last notification was sent out. You can open the Alert Log to check whether the alert e-mail notification was sent successfully or not. For details, see Viewing Network Inventory Alert Log.

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