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Audit Errors

You use the Network Inventory > Audit Errors section to view the messages about errors that occurred during the upload of audit snapshots to the database. You can also delete these error messages here.

The list of error messages contains the following information:

  • Detection Date The date and time the error was detected.–

  • Description The detailed description of the error.–

  • Audit File The name of the audit snapshot file that the Automation Server has failed to import.–

You can manage upload errors as follows:

  • To open the selected error message in a separate Error Details window, click Details.

  • To view the error log file, select the desired error record and click View Log.

  • To saving a problematic snapshots for Technical Support, select the error message and click Save Audit Snapshot.

  • To delete one or more error messages, select them and click Delete.

    NOTE: It is recommended that you delete error records only after you have resolved the issues that caused them. Otherwise, the same error may keep occurring.

  • To refresh the list of errors, click Refresh.