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Specifying the contents of E-mail Notifications based on templates

When you specify the contents of E-mail Notification based on HTML e-mail templates, you add the contents to each section you want to populate using the [Section] Value window.

The section contents can be in Plain text or HTML text format. You can combine static text with placeholders for dynamic data (macros and values of object fields).

  • Plain text - sets the plain text format for the section contents.

  • HTML text - sets the HTML format for the section contents. Use the WYSIWYG HTML e-mail editor for text formatting, bold or colored font, bullet lists, images, etc. Alternatively, click Design > HTML Code and write or edit the source HTML code directly. For details, see HTML formatting.
  • Insert Placeholder - opens the Select Placeholder window where you can choose a placeholder that will be replaced with the actual field value or macro value at runtime.