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Customizing Ticket Template for Mail Connector

When the Mail Connector converts e-mail messages into Tickets, it uses the message information. Namely, the Ticket's Description, Requester, and Summary fields are populated with the e-mail's Body, Sender, and Subject values, respectively.

In addition, the Mail Connector uses the Ticket Template to assign initial values to other fields of newly created Tickets. For example, the Ticket's Status is set to New, and the Submit Date - to the actual date and time of Ticket creation.

In case that incoming e-mail does not have a Body, Sender, or Subject value, you can set the initial values for the Description, Requester, and Summary fields. The Mail Connector will use them only when the value in the e-mail message is empty.

To customize the Ticket Template for the Mail Connector:

  1. Go to E-Mail Processing > Ticket Template.

  2. Each row specifies the initial value for a particular Ticket field. Customize the Template as needed:

    • To add a new field:

      1. Click New. A new row appears.

      2. In the new row, click the down arrow in the Field Name column and select the Ticket field from the list.

      3. In the Value column, assign a value to the selected field. For details, see Defining field values in Templates.

    • To delete a field:

      • Select a row and click Delete.

    • To modify a field:

      • Select a row to modify and make your changes. For details, see Defining field values in Templates.

  3. When done, click Save on the toolbar.