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Select Object window

You use this window to select an object. When open, this window can either list all available records or be empty depending on configuration.

To select an object:

  • Double-click the object in the list.

When needed, you can use the following auxiliary methods before selecting the object:

  • If the number of objects is relatively high, enter the letters to look for in the Text to find field, select the field where to search from the In drop-down list, and click Find.

TIP: If the window is empty, you can display all available records by clicking Find when the Text to find field is blank.

If the required object does not exist yet and the New action is available for it, you can create a new object on the fly:

  • Click New, fill out the form, and click OK.

  • You can also open an object record for viewing or editing:

  • Click the object, then click Open.