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Changing the display order of list items

You can change the display order in which items appear in their drop-down list. For a list of categories, you can move subcategories between categories to build the hierarchical structure.

To change the display order of list items:

  1. In the Customization > [Module] > [Object Class] > Classification section, go to the section for the drop-down list to re-order.

  2. Change the display order as follows:

    • To move an item up or down the list, select the item and click Move Up (or press CTRL+UP ARROW) or Move Down (or press CTRL+DOWN ARROW) respectively.

    • To sort the items by name, right-click anywhere on the list and select Sort by Name from the pop-up menu. The items appear on the drop-down sorted by name in alphabetical order. After you sort items by name, their previous order is lost.

    • For categories only:

      • To move a category to another category, select the category to move, click Move to > Category, choose the target category and click OK. The category with its subcategories (if any) is moved to the target category. Alternatively, you can just drag the category onto the target category.

      • To move a subcategory to the top level of the tree, select the subcategory and click Move to > Top Level. The subcategory with its subcategories (if any) is moved to the top level.