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Selecting a Person record

The Select Person window displays active Technician records, which are Person records with both the Active and Technician check boxes selected. In this window, you can select a Person record to associate it with the Technician account you are creating. When there is no Person record for the account, you can create it on the fly.

To select a Person record for the Technician account:

  1. If the database doesn't contain the Person record that you need, create one as follows:

    • To create a new Person record and add details, click New > Technician. Fill out the technician's details as needed, and click OK.

      >NOTE: You manage Create Actions in the Customization > Customers > Persons > Workflow > Actions > Create section. For details, see .Configuring Templates.

  2. Double-click the Person record on the list.

TIP: If there are too many records on the list, perform advanced search by entering the text in the Text to find field, selecting the column in which to find it, and clicking Find.