Release Notes

What's new in version 2023.1.2

July 2023

Version 2023.1.2 is a maintenance release. It addresses several issues reported in previous versions.

Self Service Portal

  • Rectified a potential security vulnerability in the Self-Service Portal that, in rare instances, could have allowed unauthorized users to gain access.

Web App

  • Resolved the problem that could lead to repetitive errors while working with data grids in the New Experience, impacting users whose Web App was configured for Windows Authentication.

  • Added the ability to perform bulk updates on IT assets’ Inventoried by and Last Inventory Date fields using the Batch Update operation. While these fields are typically updated automatically, users can now manage them directly to adapt to various scenarios.

  • Resolved the issue with selecting products for PO line items via the Select object from list dialog box. Previously, user encountered an error message saying, "Sequence contains no matching element."


  • Eliminated the restrictive upper limit of 100 on numeric values in report parameters.

  • Addressed the issue causing the "Index was out of range" error when running reports with Integer parameters that lacked default values.

Administrative Tools for Alloy Navigator Cloud

  • The Administrative Tools installation package for our cloud customers now includes the Scheduled Task Agent. This tool runs Scheduled Tasks in your local environment, without the need to grant Alloy cloud applications access to your local resources that some Scheduled Tasks may require.

    INFO: For details, see Help: Scheduled Task Agent.

Settings App

  • Uploading a corrupted image file into a Network Device Type list no longer cause the Settings App to crash with the "There is no such palette entry" error.

Desktop App

  • In the previous version, specifying a person in more than one "Restriction by User" or "Restriction by Device Owner" restriction rule for Tracked Software was not allowed. The latest update removes this limitation.