Release Notes

What's New in Version 2022.1.1

October 2022

Version 2022.1.1 is a maintenance release. It addresses several issues reported in previous versions.

Self Service Portal

  • Resolved the issue with the [Current User] placeholder that could insert "Self Service Portal" instead of the user's name. The issue occurred on portals configured for SSO authentication and could affect ticket auto-assignment.

  • Resolved the issue with the search feature excluding closed tickets from the results.

Web App

  • Resolved the issue which caused the "Incorrect syntax near ' ''" error when attempting to access the web-based Admin Center. The issue affected only databases hosted on SQL Server 2008.

  • Fixed spelling of the Single Sign-On authentication type in the Admin Center, in the Modify Login window.

  • Resolved the issue that may cause the Web App and other Alloy web applications to fail with a Security Exception error in some cases.

  • Resolved the issue which caused long forms to automatically scroll up to the top once you click somewhere at the bottom. The issue was specific to Mozilla Firefox.

Default workflow

  • The TeamViewer Invite action no longer throws errors on computers where Internet Explorer is missing or has never been used.

  • Attempts to run the TeamViewer Connect action before asking the end-user to allow the connection no longer fails with a vague error message. Instead, it now suggests running the TeamViewer Invite action to invite the user to a TeamViewer session.

  • Our online documentation has been updated to emphasize the fact that connection to remote computers via Alloy TeamViewer integration requires end-user consent.

  • Resolved issues with the Approval workflow that could trigger sending "Approval Deadline is reached" and "Due Date is X hour(s) away" notifications too early.

  • The Settings App now displays Email Notifications for Consumables at their proper location (Customization > IT Assets > Consumables > Workflow > E-mail Notifications) and allows administrators to customize them.

Product activation

  • Resolved the issue with product activation when the license has either only Concurrent Users or only Named Users.

Desktop App

  • Resolved issues with the Alloy Dark theme making text unreadable in some areas.

Administrative Tools for Alloy Navigator Cloud

  • The Settings App from the Administrative Tools package now supports spellchecking.

Mail Connector

  • Resolved the issue with the Mail Connector being unable to parse HTML messages when they contain tables.

Network Inventory

  • Resolved issues with sending alerts via Microsoft Graph API.