Network Inventory User's Guide

Mac Audit

In some cases, a standalone Mac Inventory Analyzer (ina_mac) may not work as expected. For instance, it may be unable to collect some information about the computer, or in some rare cases in may terminate with an error message. Usually this indicates a problem with the operating system, device driver, or hardware. To resolve such issues, contact Alloy Software Technical Support.

Before contacting, you should prepare troubleshooting information for the Technical Support representatives as follows:

  1. Open the terminal.

  2. Change directory into your ina_mac directory:

    cd <path_where_'ina_mac'_resides>

  3. If you use the ina_mac.ini file to store your Mac OS audit settings and it includes the out-dir key, you need to temporarily comment the key (just add the semicolon character at the start of the line) in order for the next step to work as expected.

  4. Run ina_mac in the debug mode:

    ina_mac -w $(hostname).spx -of $(hostname).adt &> $(hostname).log

    Note that $(hostname) is a command and it must be used as is; do not replace "hostname" with the computer name.

    Wait until the information message is displayed confirming that the audit snapshot file has been created. Three output files should be created in the current folder:

    • <your_computer_name>.adt
    • <your_computer_name>.spx
    • <your_computer_name>.log

    Note that <your_computer_name> is the computer name.

  5. Compress all the created files into the <your_computer_name>.tgz archive file:

    tar czvf $(hostname).tgz $(hostname)*

Contact Alloy Software Technical Support by email, describe the problem, and attach the archive file.