Network Inventory User's Guide

Compare Audit Methods

The following table compares the available audit methods to help you understand which methods suit your environment best.

  Direct Network Scan Network Folder Audit Remote Audit (FTP or e-mail delivery) Portable Audit
Where are the computers you want audited?
Computers in the local network
Computers in a remote network    
Offsite computers    
Non-networked computers with no internet access      
What platforms do you need to audit?

ESXi hypervizors      
ESX (vSphere), Citrix, Xen, Hyper-V hypervizors
SMTP network devices      
How do you want to use the audit agents?
In the build-in mode, with nothing to be installed.      
In the standalone mode, with a package deployed to a shared folder    

In the standalone mode, with an agent installed directly on every client computer (only for Windows computers)

In the standalone mode, from a flash drive      
How do you want to initiate the audit?
At your request, from Network Inventory      
At your request, from a flash drive      

Regularly, on schedule

How are audit snapshots delivered to Network Inventory?
Automatically, over the local network    

Automatically, via FTP (only for Windows computers)

Automatically, over email    

Manually, on a flash drive