Network Inventory User's Guide

Deploying Inventory Analyzer Package for the Portable Audit

The Portable Audit is an agent-based method of auditing non-networked computers or isolated network segments. Typically, the audit agent is deployed to a flash drive, which is used to audit individual computers. Audit snapshots are stored on the same flash drive and then manually transported to a location from where you can load them to the database.

IMPORTANT: Any changes made in the Audit Profile or updated versions of the inventory analyzers have to be manually re-deployed.

Building the Inventory Analyzer Package for the Portable Audit

To build the Inventory Analyzer package, follow these steps:

  1. In the Sidebar, right-click the Site where you have created the Portable Audit Source and select Properties from the pop-up menu. The Site [Site Name] dialog box opens.
  2. Under Audit Sources, double-click your Portable Audit Source to bring up the Portable Audit Source [Source Name] dialog box.

  3. On the General tab, click the Deploy button in the Inventory Analyzer package section.

    The Deploy Folder Location dialog box opens.

  4. Browse to the destination folder for the Inventory Analyzer package. To create a new subfolder within the selected folder, click New Folder.

    Click OK. Network Inventory creates the package in the specified folder.

  5. Click OK to close the Site [Site Name] dialog box.

Network Inventory creates the following folders and files in the destination folder:

  • AuditData the folder in which audit snapshots will be stored before sending them to the database.
  • Log the folder in which the Windows Inventory Analyzer will store logged events (the folder is created for the Windows package only).
  • The Windows pack for auditing Windows computers:
    • ina32.cfg the configuration file for the Windows Inventory Analyzer.
    • ina32.exe the Windows Inventory Analyzer executable file.
    • autorun.inf — the file that launches the Windows Inventory Analyzer automatically from a removable media, if the client Windows computer has AutoPlay enabled.
  • The Linux pack — for auditing Linux computers:
    • linathe script that automatically detects the kernel version and launches the appropriate Linux Inventory Analyzer executable.
    • lina24the Linux Inventory Analyzer executable for Linux kernel version 2.4 and earlier.
    • lina26the Linux Inventory Analyzer executable for Linux kernel version 2.6 and later.
    • lina.ini the configuration file for the Linux Inventory Analyzer.
    • README-lina.txt the Readme file for the Linux Inventory Analyzer.
  • The Mac pack — for auditing Mac OS computers:
    • ina_mac the Mac Inventory Analyzer executable.
    • ina_mac.inithe configuration file for the Mac Inventory Analyzer.
    • README-ina_mac.txt the Readme file for the Mac Inventory Analyzer.
  • The Audit Snapshot Viewer pack — for viewing audit snapshots from outside Network Inventory:
    • AdtViewer.exe — the Audit Snapshot Viewer executable file.
    • ADTViewerEng.dll — the Audit Snapshot Viewer Engine for displaying audit snapshots.
    • pcidevs.txt — the dictionary file for identifying PCI device manufacturers.

Running the Portable Audit on Client Computers

After building the Inventory Analyzer package, run the Inventory Analyzer from the flash drive (or from the media where you have deployed the package) on each individual client machine. When the audit completes, the audit snapshot will be saved on the same flash drive.