Network Inventory User's Guide

Viewing the Change History

The Change History stores hardware, software and configuration changes detected on computers or Chromebooks between consecutive audits. The Change History consists of Change Events, which occur when Network Inventory detects a change in the node’s configuration. There are three categories of Change Events:

  • Hardware changes related to the node's hardware configuration, such as adding or removing a hardware component or ch anging the value of a hardware component's attribute.
  • Software changes related to the node's software configuration, such as installing or uninstalling a software product.
  • System changes related to the configuration objects, such as adding or removing a shared resource.

By default, when a computer or Chromebook is audited for the first time, Network Inventory does not report the data from its first audit snapshot in the Change History. However, if you want to see this information in the Change History, you can configure Network Inventory to show it.

You can access the Change History at different levels: for all computers and Chromebooks in the database, for a particular Site, for a particular Collection, or for a single computer or Chromebook.