Network Inventory User's Guide

Batch Updating User-Defined Fields

Batch updating means simultaneously replacing the values of specified fields in multiple node records with the same specified values. You can batch update only user-defined fields (UDFs).

INFO: For details on user-defined fields (UDFs), see Administration Guide: Creating User Defined Fields.

To batch update multiple records:

  1. In the Sidebar, select the Site or Collection and open the grid, which contains the records you want to batch update.
  2. Select the records you want to update.
  3. Click Actions > Batch Update on the Module Menu to open the Batch Updating of [Objects] dialog box.
  4. Choose the user-defined field to update from the drop-down list, displayed in the Field column.
  5. Type in the value you want to assign in the Value input box. If you do not type any value, the field will be cleared.
  6. If you want to update more fields, click Add, choose another field, and enter a new value for it.
  7. Click Start. In the Confirm dialog box, click Yes to proceed.
  8. In the Batch Updating of [Objects] dialog box, review the reported results and click Finish.