Reference: Alloy Self-Service Assistant bot errors and warnings

Updated in 2021.1

This section is a reference to the errors and warnings that Alloy Self-Service Assistant bot may throw in Teams.

Issue Description Solution

Attempts to send any command to the bot cause this error:

Sorry, I couldn't find a user with your email address on the server side. Please ask your Alloy Navigator administrator to check your account and try again later.

Every user must have a Person record in Alloy Navigator Express, and the primary email address in that Person record must match the primary email address in the user's Microsoft Teams account.

Otherwise, the bot cannot identify the user in Alloy Navigator Express.

Make sure that the corresponding Person record exists in Alloy Navigator Express, and the primary email address matches the Microsoft Teams address. If needed, add the desired email address and set it primary.

This task requires the Modify permission on Persons in Alloy Navigator Express.

Attempts to send any command to the bot cause this error:

Your Microsoft Teams account does not have an email address. You cannot use the Alloy Self-Service Assistant bot app without an email address. Please contact your Microsoft 365 administrator.

Every user must have an email address specified in their Microsoft Teams account.

Review the corresponding Microsoft Teams account (or Microsoft 365 account) and make sure that the email address is specified there.

This task requires an administrator role in Microsoft Teams.

Attempts to view a ticket or an article throw this error:

You do not have enough permissions to access this object.

The bot provides access to your open tickets, pending approvals, and public knowledge base articles. You cannot access other Alloy Navigator Express objects in Teams via the bot.

What Alloy Navigator Express objects can you access in Teams?

Check the object ID to make sure it is correct.

NOTE: If you have a manager access level in Alloy Navigator Express, you can view tickets that have been created by other users, but you can view them only in the Self Service Portal.