Installation Guide

Data Upgrade to Alloy Navigator Express 2023.2

Change Description
From version 8.2 and earlier
Change Requests and Approvals

Added support for the Change Management functionality. The approval process with two available voting methods (All Approved or Majority Decision) can be applied to Change Requests, Purchase Orders, and Knowledge Base Articles. For details, see Administration Guide: How to Work with Approvals.

To fine-tune your business logic, go to Customization > General > Workflow Configuration in the Settings app.

Lifecycle Stages and Progress Bar

Tickets, Change Requests, and Purchase Orders now have the progress bar, which displays all stages of their lifecycle and indicates the current one.

To enable the progress bar for an object class, Lifecycle Stages must be configured. Change Requests have pre-configured Lifecycle Stages supplied with Alloy Navigator Express, so they feature the progress bar out of the box. For Tickets and Purchase Orders, administrators can create Lifecycle Stages and associate their Statuses with particular Stages.

For details, see Administration Guide: How to Track the Progression of Change Requests and Administration Guide: Managing Lifecycle Stages.

NOTE: The progress bar appears only in the Web App and the Self Service Portal.

Groups of Persons

Configure groups for organizing and auto-assigning tasks for teams with specific responsibilities. With groups, you can automate Ticket assignment based on load balance or technician ranks, and set up approval groups for approving changes, purchases, and Knowledge Base articles.

To fine-tune your business logic, go to Customization > General > Workflow Configuration in the Settings app.

Custom Person Types In addition to system types for Person records (Contact, Customer, Technician) you can create as many custom types as needed, and customize the business logic to use those custom Person types.

External Tools: name change

"External Tools", which are interactive configurable actions for running external commands with specified parameters right from Alloy Navigator Express, have been renamed "Interactions" to reflect the intended purpose of the feature.

This change affects only the interface, the functionality remains the same.

From version 8.0

Alloy Navigator Express configuration entities:

  • Self Service Portal settings
  • Workflow settings

The new version provides the ability to customize the Self Service Portal workflow to allow your customers to create different types of Tickets. A "New Ticket Form" constructor prompts customers for relevant information when they choose to create a Ticket, and assigns initial values to some Ticket fields.

During the upgrade, the only "New Ticket Form" from the previous version is imported to the new version and marked as "System" (which means that it cannot be deleted). Initial values from the "New Ticket Template" are imported to that system "New Ticket Form." The "New Ticket Template" is removed.