Installation Guide

Choosing Startup Account and Authentication

When configuring the Automation Server, you choose two parameters:

  • Startup Account — This is the Windows account under which the Automation Server is running. This account defines the security context for all operations performed by the Automation Server. By default, the built-in Network Service account is used. You can keep the default settings or select another account.

    IMPORTANT: Network Inventory requires that the Automation Server runs under a Windows account with sufficient rights to access network resources. Otherwise, the Direct Network Scan may fail or work incorrectly. If you plan to use Network Inventory, we recommend that you keep the default Network Service startup account or choose a dedicated Windows user account with the same network permissions. However, avoid using the Local System account, which is restricted from network access. If you choose Network Browser as your discovery option, use the Windows domain startup account for your Automation Server.

  • Connection — The Database Access Key imported to the Automation Server computer. The Database Access Key defines how the Automation Server connects to the Alloy Navigator Express database.