How to set up automatic closure for Tickets and Change Requests

You can configure Alloy Navigator Express to automatically close Tickets and Change Requests that remain unmodified in a final statusClosed (Resolved for Tickets and Completed for Change Requests) for a specified period.

For example, you can set the time period to 14 days. It means that 14 days (the default) after a Ticket is resolved it will be automatically closed. Any updates to resolved Tickets, such as added comments from technicians, would restart this 14-day period. If you do not want Tickets to be closed automatically, set this property to zero days.

You can configure this feature as follows:

  1. In the Settings App, navigate to the Customization > General > Workflow Configuration > Tickets Automation or Change Requests Automation section, correspondingly.

  2. Under Automatically Close Resolved or Automatically Close Completed, enter the time period in days.

    To disable the automatic closure feature, set 0 (zero).

  3. Click Save.