Deallocation of Software Licenses

You may want to automatically free up a license when the corresponding software is uninstalled from a computer. Configure ANX to delete the allocation when the product is no longer discovered on the computer as follows:

  1. Open the corresponding Tracked Software record, click the Allocated Licenses tab, then click the allocation with a desired computer. A dialog box comes up. It shows the relation between the Computer, the Software Product, and the Software License.

  2. Select the Deallocate Automatically check box.

You can also manually deallocate any license from a Computer or Inventory Item as follows:

  1. Open a Tracked Software record.
  2. Click the Allocated Licenses tab.
  3. Select a license allocation, then click Deallocate.

    NOTE: Alternatively, you can access the Deallocate command in the corresponding Software License record (on the Allocation tab) or in the Computer record (on the Software / Allocated Licenses tab).