How to configure automatic assignment of Tickets

Alloy Navigator Express provides you with an easy-to-use functionality for automatic ticket assignment. This feature can be useful when there are high volumes of tickets, and time dependencies for responding.

By default, automatic ticket assignment is disabled. To enable the process, you perform the following steps:

  1. Configure general workflow configuration for Tickets.

    On this step you choose the method for automatic ticket assignment: Load Balancing or Round Robin.

  2. Configure Ticket workflow defaults.

    On this step you choose the Assignee Group that is set to all newly created tickets by default.

  3. Optional: Configure Ticket templates.

    On this step you choose the Assignee Group that is set for special tasks. When you set the Assignee Group for both Ticket Defaults and Ticket Templates, the groups specified in the Templates take precedence.

In the following sections these steps are explained in more detail.

INFO: For details on manual ticket assignment, see Help: Assigning Tickets to technicians or technician groups.