How to change a logo image with the Web Configuration tool

Updated in 2021.1


By default, Alloy Web App and Self Service Portal display the Alloy Software logo in the upper left of all web pages. This article describes how to replace that default Alloy Software logo with your custom logo image or update your custom logo with a new image if you have already used one.

Changing the logo

To change a logo image for the Web App or the Self Service Portal, use the Web Configuration tool on the computer where your Alloy web applications are installed. Typically, they are installed on a web server separately from the Alloy Navigator Express application. If you do not have access to the Web Configuration tool, ask your Alloy Navigator Express administrator for assistance.

To change the logo in your Web App or Self Service Portal:

  1. Click the Web Configuration tool icon from the Alloy Control Panel. Alternatively, you can start the Web Configuration tool from the Start > All Programs > Alloy Software >Web Configuration from the Start menu.

  2. In the navigation menu, click the web application instance where you want to change the logo.

  3. In the Features section, click Configure. The Web Configuration wizard opens.

  4. On the Logo Image wizard's page, click Custom image, click Load, select the image file to load and click Open.

    Preview the chosen image on the wizard page or click Show in Browser to open it in the browser.

  5. Once you complete the wizard, your custom logo image appears at the top of your Alloy web application's pages.