API User's Guide

Referring to object fields

In order to reference an Alloy Navigator Express object field via the API, you must specify the original field name, as in the database. Display labels are not supported.

Supported field names for retrieving objects

The following HTTP requests retrieve the object data:

For these requests, the supported parameter value is the physical name of a field. You can find physical field names in the Settings App, as described below. Alternatively, you can see the Database Reference Guide. This document describes the structure of Alloy Navigator Express database tables and fields. The Alloy Navigator Express Database Reference Guide is available at the Alloy Support Portal.

To check a physical field name in the Settings App:

  1. Open the Settings App and go to the Customization > General > Fields.

  2. Navigate to an object class, such as Change Requests, Computers, or Tickets.

  3. In the workspace pane on the right, view the list of fields and double-click the required field. The Field Properties window appears.

  4. The physical name of the field is on the General tab under the Field Name. Copy and save the physical name for later use.

Supported field names for creating and updating objects

The following HTTP requests create and change objects with workflow actions:

For these requests, the supported parameter value depends on the type of the field. There are two types of fields on an action form - object and virtual.

  • For the Object fields, both physical name and the name from the action form are supported.
  • For the Virtual fields, only the name from the action form is supported.